What are Bitcoin Carnivores?

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin Carnivores are a subset of Bitcoiners who only eat meat.
  • Many Bitcoin conferences and gatherings occur at meat-centric venues because of this.
  • The ranching industry is increasingly adopting Bitcoin payments to cater to Bitcoiners.

Bitcoin Carnivores are a small group of Bitcoiners that eat only meat.

How Did it Start?

Bitcoiners tend to have strong opinions, and diet is one of them.

Many Bitcoiners are either carnivore, vegan or vegetarian.

A VICE news story covering Bitcoin carnivores from 2017.

Bitcoin Events

Due to this trend, many Bitcoin conferences and meetups take place at steakhouses, BBQ restaurants, grills or other meat focused venues.

Ranching Industry Adopts Bitcoin

Bitcoiners love their meat.

The ranching industry has also taken an interest in Bitcoin, as the two communities share similar values.

Small ranchers are slowly losing market to larger operations and are looking to bring back their own decentralization and independence.

Also, many have started accepting Bitcoin directly for meat purchases as they look to capture more profits for themselves.